Being overdue

In the UK, you are classed as being at term at 37 weeks, with full term at 40 weeks. They will generally let you go to around 42 weeks before looking at medical inductions, assuming that you are low risk and baby is still moving normally etc. I find it interesting that in France, term … More Being overdue

The 40th week

How far along? 41 weeks tomorrow. Overdue and feeling it! Total weight gain? Don’t know Maternity clothes? Yep, still! Stretch marks? So many that the midwife was shocked when she saw my belly. Sleep? broken. Needing to get up more often to go to loo, husband snoring and baby wriggling makes sleeping difficult! Best moment … More The 40th week

The 39th week

How far along? 40 weeks today! Total weight gain? Don’t know Maternity clothes? Yep, living in around 3 or 4 outfits now Stretch marks? D this week described my tummy as like a strawberry cornetto. I actually thought that was the nicest description I’d heard! Sleep? Often struggling to sleep until the early hours – … More The 39th week

The 38th week

How far along? 39 weeks tomorrow. Total weight gain? Don’t know Maternity clothes? Still loving my new coat, getting fewer and fewer comfy outfits. Stretch marks? I’m a tiger! Sleep? My body clock has altered and I am now pretty much on LA time. Which is great for catching up with my good friend who … More The 38th week

Hospital Bag

I’ve been meaning to pack my hospital bag for weeks now. I’d made a list from lists I’ve seen online and started buying things I needed and getting things together, but hadn’t actually managed to sit down and put it all in a bag ready. I’m not sure what was stopping me, really. Denial, possibly? … More Hospital Bag

My Baby Shower!

My wonderful friends threw me a baby shower last week. It was perfect – chilled out but fun, a reason to hang out with friends and family, but without being too overwhelmed. They all spoilt me too! All I was told was a place and a time and not too much else! I had said … More My Baby Shower!