After at least 7 years of broodiness and nearly 1 year of trying to conceive, I’m soon to be a first time mum. Our bundle of joy is due in December 2015 and I’m stupidly excited and ridiculously scared all at once. This is all I’ve wanted for such a long time and only now am I realising that I have no idea what I’m doing! Still, I figure most new parents feel like that. Right?!

I’ve tried forums, but these seem to be full of additional things to worry about and people moaning about the most ridiculous things – for my own sanity, I am trying to move away from those.

So, this blog was born! This is where I can let my thoughts out as I go along and try to figure it out, and hopefully meet some other new parents doing the same thing for support and reassurance!

Please do comment and say hello – I look forward to chatting with you!


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