Letter to Boo at six months!

Hi gorgeous girl
You are six months old today. Half a year, gone by in a flash! I am amazed at how quickly it has gone, yet it also feels like you have always been here.

At the moment, you:

* weigh 17lb 11

* wear size 6-9m clothes, just moved into them this week

* have two teeth

* are getting better at sitting up by the day! You can often sit for a minute or so without support, but you’re still a little wobbly

* can roll both ways and can hold yourself up really well when on your tummy

* really want to crawl and get frustrated that you’re not strong enough just yet

* wake frequently at night – never really recovered from the four month sleep regression!

* are still breastfeeding

* started on solids last week. We are doing baby led weaning and you’ve been loving feeding yourself and experimenting with tastes and textures.

* love playing with your alphabet blocks, the blue monkey from Rick and Lou, and your lion

* are enjoying your swimming lessons and signing class each week

* love to giggle lots, especially if we pretend to eat your toes / tummy, or play peekaboo, or when grandma hides toys in your tummy!

Your personality is already starting to show through, and I am so proud of the wonderful girl you’re already becoming. You’re so happy and sociable and really inquisitive. You love exploring and investigating the world. It is fascinating watching you!

I had wanted to be a mum for many years before you arrived and had imagined what it would be like. The reality was nothing like I imagined, so much harder but also a million times better. You are amazing and I love you more than I ever thought possible.

Love, mummy xxx


4 thoughts on “Letter to Boo at six months!

  1. A note from Grandad,
    Grandma and I are so happy to have you in our lives, the love and joy you have brought us is unbelievable and we cherish every moment we get to spend with you.
    Your Mummy is doing a wonderful job and it shows in you, a happy and contented beautiful little girl.
    Counting the seconds until we see you again
    Love always
    Grandad xx


  2. Beautiful words Em and ditto what Grandad said, you have made all our lives richer and we couldn’t imagine life without you now darling Annabelle. We love seeing pictures and videos of you of all your adventures and new experiences, till we can see you again. You change so much every week and your smile just melts our hearts.You are an absolute joy to be around and we love you very much.

    All my love, Grandma ❤ xxx


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