Cloth bum! To go re-useable?

When I was pregnant, I liked the idea of using cloth nappies – you could get them in all sorts of fun colours and patterns, and surely it would feel nicer for baby to wear cloth rather than disposables. However, I wasn’t sure whether it would just end up being too complicated – figuring out all the different types, the regular washing on top of the other increased washing. I bought a pack of 4 nappies from Aldi and didn’t really get much further.

Once baby came along, there was so much to learn and think about it seemed easier to just use disposables. However, once things had settled down a bit, I looked at the amount of waste we were producing from the disposable nappies and started to consider cloth once again. The nappy bin we had bought seemed to fill up almost immediately, the cartridges are expensive and I felt I was adding a huge amount to landfill.

I did some research, found a local nappy library and contacted them to find out more. Eleanor from Bingley Nappy Library came round to our house and over a cup of tea explained all the different types of cloth nappies and how each of them worked. She also introduced us to other reusable items such as wipes, breast pads (which I already use) and female sanitary items. She is so lovely and really gave us the confidence to give it a go!

We decided to hire a newborn kit from the library for 4 weeks to give it a go and try to work out what might work for us. The kit has 30 nappies, with a selection of liners and boosters, wipes, wet bag, nappy bucket and two mesh bags.

(Not the best picture, but this was the newborn kit we hired)

The trial is going well so far – we’ve worked out some we definitely don’t like, and others which we prefer. The washing isn’t bad at all – you put the used nappies in a mesh bag in the nappy bucket, and every two days take the mesh bag and chuck it all in the wash. The nappies come out of the bag in the wash, so you don’t need to empty it out at all. Any stains can usually be bleached by the sun (I will never fail to be amazed at how well sunlight gets rid of poo stains!).

We have had a few leaks, mainly caused by fit issues. Cloth nappies fit slightly different to disposables, so take a little getting used to, but I find they actually absorb poo much better than disposables.

We are still using disposables at night at the moment – don’t want to risk breaking the routine we currently have at the moment – but I feel much better now we have greatly reduced our use of them.

I will blog again on our thoughts at the end of the trial! Do you use cloth, or have you considered it? What are your thoughts?


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One thought on “Cloth bum! To go re-useable?

  1. I never knew that about sunlight! We lost many a sleepsuit to the yellow flood! We never tried cloth nappies, and as we are almost out of them, it’s looking unlikely we will now but it’s brilliant to know that there are libraries that come round. I am a bit sad we won’t ever need them though, as I always loved the designs. I do NOT miss the poo though! šŸ˜‰ Thanks for linking! #bigpinklink


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