30 weeks!

How far along? At the end of my 30th week Total weight gain? Don’t know Maternity clothes? Definitely. Bought some new maternity pyjamas and that’s all I want to wear now! So comfy! Stretch marks? A couple! Sleep? Getting more broken. Waking a few times each night with numb legs and need to turn over, … More 30 weeks!

The 29th week

How far along? At the end of my 29th weeks – nearly at the 30 week milestone! Total weight gain? Don’t know, still haven’t weighed myself Maternity clothes? Yep – had to move up a size in maternity leggings yesterday as the old ones started to feel too restrictive. Stretch marks? Only a couple so far Sleep? Sleep is getting … More The 29th week

The 28th week

How far along? 28 weeks – the first week of the third trimester! Total weight gain? Don’t know, but may try and find out shortly as I’m curious. Maternity clothes? Yup! Stretch marks? Think I may have 2 now but not doing bad yet… Sleep? Getting more difficult – starting to wake more during the night. Luckily I rarely have … More The 28th week

Week 27

How far along? I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow, which I think means I’ll be in the third trimester? Total weight gain? No idea! Maternity clothes? Yup, not had to move onto the larger size leggings I have yet though Stretch marks? Still just the one at the moment (which my husband said was because my tummy was already stretched … More Week 27