The 26th week!

How far along? 27 weeks today Total weight gain? Don’t know, not weighed myself in a while. Maternity clothes? Definitely, and some of those are getting tighter! Stretch marks? My one stretch mark is spreading, I’m sure it won’t be long before it is joined by others! Sleep? Yes please! Still managing to sleep okay for the most part, starting … More The 26th week!

The 25th week

How far along? 26 weeks today Total weight gain? Don’t know, not weighed myself this week. Maternity clothes? Yep, as always! Not too big for any of them yet. Stretch marks? One tiny one about 1cm on my belly – it’s starting! Sleep? That sounds like a good idea! Not slept well this week but … More The 25th week

Furniture ordered!

So after a lot of fretting, research and asking everyone I know their opinion (on my part) and eye rolling (from my husband – “it’s only furniture”) we’ve made a decision and ordered our nursery furniture! We decided to go for the Mothercare Meadow set in the end – it’s so beautiful and after speaking … More Furniture ordered!

24 weeks!

(Please excuse the blurry photo, I blame my husband!) How far along? At the end of my 24th week. Total weight gain? About 5lb so far, which doesn’t seem too bad! Midwife measured me at 24cm this week which matches perfectly for 24 weeks. Maternity clothes? Yep! Got a couple more in the sales yesterday, … More 24 weeks!

Nursery furniture

We’re currently trying to decide on nursery furniture. Having a limited budget means we’re quite restricted on choices. One set we’re considering is the Meadow collection from Mothercare. It’s pebble grey, which is lovely and a bit different. The only thing I’m not sure about is whether we’d be better with drawers – hanging baby … More Nursery furniture

The 23rd week

How far along? At the end of my 23rd week – tomorrow is apparently the viability milestone – where baby will have over 50% chance of survival if born. Great to meet that milestone but please stay cooking a while longer, baby! Total weight gain? Don’t know. Should probably get some scales! Got midwife on Wednesday … More The 23rd week

22 Weeks

How far along? Just at the end of my 22nd week! Total weight gain? Dont know! Still haven’t weighed myself Maternity clothes? Yep, woudn’t be without them now! Super comfy. Not tried any of my ‘normal’ clothes for a while now! Stretch marks? Not yet! Fingers crossed… Sleep? Not done too badly this week, have managed to sleep fairly … More 22 Weeks

Bump to Birthday

As I mentioned previously, I have been completing a weekly pregnancy journal. This is initially for me, but I like the idea of giving to my daughter, should I have one, when she first falls pregnant. Plus, I like to keep track of things with journals etc as my memory isn’t brilliant, so it is … More Bump to Birthday